Teacher Appreciation

We commend your commitment to showing your students the world, and we thank you for putting your trust in Explorica. To show our teacher appreciation, we’ve offer a unique mix of personal, group and school savings and stipends. Please call us to learn more about any of the following offers as conditions apply.

Flexible free place ratio an Explorica exclusive

We let you decide how many free chaperone spots you need for your tour, and we offer a stipend for any spots you don’t use.

Training and professional development 

We invest in your success with a Group Leader Training trip before your first tour, and help you continue your professional development with teacher conventions.

Family and faculty discounts

If you would like to bring a colleague or family member on the tour, we offer a 10% tour fee discount for them to join your trip.

Referral stipends

Refer a friend or colleague, and when they travel with us you’ll receive a stipend that you can use at your discretion, including towards your tour or your classroom.