International rewards program


Free travel.
All Group Leaders have the opportunity to travel free with Explorica and to choose your own free place ratio. We recommend one chaperone for every six students, but we let you adjust your Tour Fee so you can bring along as many free chaperones as you like.
If you’d like to extend your personal stay, Explorica will cover the difference in airfare to fly you home separate from the group.
More free travel.
Our international Teacher Conventions give Group Leaders the chance to explore fabulous places with other teachers who love to travel. Accumulate enough Travel Points, and we’ll pay for your trip!
View upcoming convention destinations
Earn travel points to use any way you want.
When you lead an Explorica tour, you’re automatically enrolled in our Rewards program—which means from day one you begin earning points toward personal travel, conventions, tour upgrades, or even student scholarships.
How does it work?
It’s simple. You earn: 1 Travel Point x Length of Tour x Students Enrolled.
For example, a 5-day tour with 20 paying travelers = 100 Travel Points.
Book early to earn more! Watch for seasonal promotions like our popular “Quadruple Travel Points” deal to turn that 100 into 400 Travel Points.
Experienced traveler?
You won’t start from 0 with Explorica. If you’ve traveled with another company, we’ll honor up to 1,000 Travel Points. And, of course, you’ll still be able to redeem your points with the other company.
What’s a Travel Point worth?
There are many redemption options for you to choose from.
The most popular options are-
295 Travel Points for a domestic airline ticket
295 Travel Points for $250 Amazon gift card
295 Travel Points for $375 travel scholarship on a future tour
345+ Travel Points for a free trip on one of our Teacher Conventions
Flexibility. Save your students money with Basic Rewards.
Although Group Leaders are automatically enrolled in our generous rewards program, Group Leaders can choose our lower-cost Student Rewards program and receive a significant discount applied to their participants’ tour price. Group Leaders that choose to change their enrollment to Student Rewards will still travel free and earn redeemable Travel Points—just at a different rate than our standard Rewards program.
Explorica exclusive! Tour more to get more Rewards.
We think that loyalty programs shouldn’t be complicated. As you tour more with Explorica, you’ll earn even more Travel Points in the form of a Loyalty Bonus. Then, you decide if you’d like to reward yourself with free flights, an international convention, a new iPad, or something else. It’s that simple.
Explorica exclusive! Turn your points into cash or cash into points.
New and exclusive to Explorica, you can convert your hard-earned travel points into cold, hard cash. Prefer the Rewards? That’s okay, too. Convert your tour stipend, Big Group Bonus, or refer-a-friend bonus into Travel Points.
Generous cash bonuses.
You’ll receive a cash stipend for any unused, earned free places. In addition to your tour stipend, you can earn a Big Group Bonus for leading groups of 25 full paying travellers or more!
25 = $500
30 = $1000
40 = $2000
65 = $2500
70 = $3000
80 = $4000
Refer a friend or colleague.
Once they lead a tour with Explorica you are eligable to get $1000 or 400 Travel Points.
Take family & colleagues with you.
Get a 10% Friend and Faculty Discount on the Tour Fee of any family members or faculty that accompany you on the trip.
Earn professional development credits.
When you travel with Explorica, you can enroll to earn professional development credits through our partner, Eastern Washington University.
Rewards detailed on this webpage are applicable only to tours outside of North America. Call 1.888.310.7120 or learn about Rewards for tours within North America.

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