Teacher to Teacher

What is Teacher to Teacher?

It has been our experience that sometimes, the best teaching is done peer-to-peer. At Explorica, we embrace this philosophy and invest in the development of our new group leaders through Teacher to Teacher, our exclusive training and mentorship program. Join a vibrant community and connect with teachers from across Canada who share your passion for education and believe that travel is an invaluable life experience.

How it works

Simply fill out our online form so we can best match you with a mentor that meets your needs and interests. Explorica will facilitate the introduction and then it’s up to you to decide how and how often you’d like to communicate with your T2T mentor (email, phone, in person, or any combination therein!).

Connect with a T2T

Who are the Teacher to Teacher mentors?

Our T2T mentors:

  • Are just like you; educators who share a passion for travel and experiential learning
  • Have experience leading several successful tours across the globe
  • Enjoy volunteering to support other teachers in the Explorica community
  • Volunteer their time to be part of Teacher to Teacher
  • Are experts in a variety of destinations and other tour planning topics
  • Come from diverse educational and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Host webinars on a variety of travel planning topics such as fundraising, recruitment, in addition to acting as your individual mentor
Is Teacher to Teacher right for you?

Consider our Teacher to Teacher program if you would like to:

  • Learn more about Explorica from teachers who have traveled with us
  • Get help planning your first trip
  • Get advice on a new destination
  • Learn about recruitment strategies, school board approvals or general tour planning
  • Have someone assist you with a parent meeting