Ottawa: Three Day Spring Tour

May 29, 2013  -  May 31, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm Tia and I'll be your Tour Director for your upcoming trip to Ottawa next week! It's going to be a fun 3 days full of activities. Please be sure to bring your water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses and walking shoes! On Thursday we will be attending the Sala San Marco, so be sure to pack something to dress up in for this dinner & dance. Each day I will try and add an updated photo and info about our day, if it is not there each night I will do my best to get it up the following day. Our days get quite busy but I'll be sure to get up some fun photos throughout the trip. Look forward to meeting all of you, LOWER--------------------------- HELLO! Wow it was a bust first day! We went to the war museum, got rained on at Spark's street AND did a Haunted Ghost and Gallows walk in the evening through the Carleton County Jail! I'm sure people were checking under their beds and behind the shower curtains before bed! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL day today, and a very scary evening! Cheers Tia