Hall High School's Québec: Carnival

February 12, 2016  -  February 15, 2016

Hello or should I say bonjour as we have finally met in the beautiful Quebec! Today after meeting me (the tour guide) at the Chateau Mont Sainte Ann we headed into the city. We braced the cold and took on the Glissades (sledding) on the Dufferin Terrace. At the top of the hill the view was spectacular, as it overlooked the Chateau Frontenac, St. Lawrence River and the Quebec City skyline. After warming up with some hot chocolate, we headed to lower town, where we took a scenic walk down Rue du Petit Champlain, one of Canada's most beautiful roads. We then had some free time to look around the souvenir shops in lower town, but it was mostly to warm up! At dinner we had a delightful meal, including chicken soup (I can confirm it warmed our souls), lasagna or pasta, fresh bread, and cake for dessert!! After a fun filled day we headed back to the hotel to catch some ZZZ'z so we can take on the excitement that is to come tomorrow! Can't wait to fill you in with what adventure comes our way tomorrow! Unit next time, Jessica Hello! My name is Jessica and I will be the Tour Director for this trip! I am beyond excited to show you around the beautiful city of Quebec. I will try my best to write and upload pictures to the tour diary ever day of the trip. As our schedule is jam-packed, there may be some days where I am delayed on updating the diary. But no fear! I usually will have them up by the next day. Can't wait to meet you all! Safe travels, Jessica