Best of Europe

June 29, 2015  -  July 21, 2015

To all those connected with this amazing up coming tour "The Best of Europe", to the Group Leader, Parents, Students and Chaperones. Please may I introduce myself as your Tour Director for your upcoming tour in Europe. My name is Dominic Harcourt-Webster I am English, 47, I have travelled and lived and worked a fair amount around the World with some of my professions; as a photographer, super yacht captain and organiser of trips and expeditions. In Africa I worked with the United Nations, I lived in Ethiopia and around the Horn for (3 years), including with a remote lip plated tribe and the Masai etc and working with some extreme NGO (Non Governmental Organisations) project to improve nomadic health for both humans and their livestock. In contrast, I swam with Killer whales in the wilds of the Arctic, whilst captaining a research vessel for World Wildlife Fund scientists and I have sailed twice across the Atlantic, amongst my 33,000 miles at sea. I also work as a Life coach, using hypnotherapy (for children & adults) to get through personal challenges and generally aiming to raise the bar for people’s life expectation and push or pull them beyond their phobias and fears, therein to restore and boost their confidence. I am passionate about inspiring others and inspirational quotes and everything to do with reaching our maximum potential; so as to live as the best versions of ourselves and fulfil our highest dreams. I love to write my thoughts on observing Humanity and celebrate our individuality and differences. All whilst overviewing the geo-political and social stage to gather insight as to where we have come from and where we may be going - as a species. Explorica is a wonderful platform for me to bring all my skills and experience under one roof and to continue on the Global historical path and to further ones journey of exploration both on the inside as well as the out. Ultimately I want to be an example to others, that there are no limits, other than the ones we put upon ourselves, as to what we can achieve in one lifetime. That's the goal I am aiming at. I am so looking forward to merging our passions for adventure and sharing this time together that we have on our horizon ahead of us. I am excited, with great expectancy for your arrival, to begin this amazing journey. Kindest & Finest & Warmest Regards Dom Dominic Harcourt-Webster 00 44 7751 820704