Ottawa: Three Day Spring Tour

April 14, 2015  -  April 16, 2015

Hello! My name is Meaghan and along with my friend and colleague Leah we will all be exploring Ottawa this week!! I hope you are as excited as we are. Leah and I have TONS of super fun things to show you and tell you about while we're there and are so excited for our trip to just begin already! I hope you are ready for a roller coaster of a week, because its going to be a blast!! We will see you Tuesday morning!! Your soon to be friends, Leah and Meaghan Day 1 We are off to an excellent start in Ottawa!!! From the moment we stepped on the bus Meaghan and I have been loving getting to know everyone. We played games on the bus, watched movies, and had a dance party! On our way to Ottawa we stopped just outside Kingston for some lunch and talked about the history of Kingston and the parliamentary system. Upon arriving in Ottawa we went straight for the main event, PARLIAMENT!!!! We had great guides of parliament and saw the House of Commons, the Parliamentary Library, and the Senate. After our tour of the inside of parliament we took advantage of the fabulous weather and did a scavenger hunt of the parliamentary grounds to discover facts about the history of the Canadian government. On our way to dinner at Dunn's we saw the War Memorial and talked about its significance in Canadian history. At Dunn's, in the heart of downtown Ottawa we had a lovely meal and tasty dessert while getting to chat with one another. Afterwards, we spent a little time at the Rideau Centre hanging out with friends and doing a little shopping. Now we are back at the hotel and all looking forward to a good sleep! Leah and Meaghan!