London & France

March 3, 2017  -  March 12, 2017

Hello my friends! I'm Freddy and I will be your Tour Director....We are just about to embark on a really nice LAF tour that promises to be exciting...It is somehow very close to my own footsteps in life so I'll be happy to show you all those places: we start in London where i have been residing for 20 years and where we'll see and visit so many landmarks. We will then enjoy a trip with the Eurostar train to go to Paris. I used to live in the French capital and i will revel in showing you its beauty...the City of Light! Later on the trip, we'll be going to Normandy and Saint Malo in Brittany....where I am from! After the beautiful Loire Valley and its majestic palaces, we'll head back to 'magnifique' Paris! So in a nutshell, we shall have a good time!!! Good luck with the packing and see you at the end of the week at Heathrow airport....Cheerio!