Inoculations and Vaccines

There are no countries visited by Explorica tours that require any inoculations or vaccinations, but it is recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada that an individual be up-to-date with his or her routine vaccinations before travelling to any foreign country.

Additionally, travel to certain countries puts an individual at a higher risk for contracting certain diseases; as a result, the Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that all individuals be vaccinated, or take preventative medication, for these diseases to avoid illness. For more information, visit the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada for country and region-specific information on recommended vaccines.

When to get Vaccinated

Travellers should schedule an appointment with their travel medical provider 4-6 weeks prior to their departure date, as most vaccines take time to become effective or must be administered in a series.

Where to get Vaccinated

To find a travel clinic near you, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada.