London & France

June 14, 2016  -  June 23, 2016

Looking forward to meeting you all on the 15th and having a great tour of London, Paris and NW France. Wishing you smooth travels from your Tour Director Dominic Harcourt-Webster. Just so you have a little info about me, I am English, I'm 48 and I live in England. I have lived and worked all over Europe, the UK and indeed many parts of the World. As well as being a Tour Director for Explorica, I also work as a yacht captain and have to date, sailed over 33,000 miles, including two Atlantic crossings. I also work as a life coach and have been a professional photographer for 25 years, photographing the sites and cities of the World. I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures and exploring new countries. One of the most amazing things I was lucky enough to be a part of was to study 'Orcas' or killer whales in the Norwegian Arctic and to photograph them, I even went swimming with them in the wild. To this day I cannot quite believe I did it. My point being, there are no limits to the adventures and opportunities that await everyone in life, it is a matter of going for your dreams as anything is possible, we are all "Epicness" in the making. It will be a pleasure to explore London with you very soon. Looking forward to that and having an epic time, have a great flight and I will see you on Wednesday. Dom