Niagara Falls: Two Day Tour

May 22, 2014  -  May 23, 2014

Hello everyone! My name is Kelly MacPherson and I will be your tour guide for the week in the lovely and magnificent Niagara Falls! We have an outstanding trip planned and I will do my best to update this at the end of each night so you can all keep up with the trip's progress. So excited to get to meet you guys and for the awesome week we've got coming up in the falls! Bye for now! Day one! What a day! After an early morning down to the lovely Niagara we made our first stop at Fort George where we learned about life before and during the war of 1812. After a lunch stop at the Brock Monument and a quick tour of the floral gardens, we headed to see the falls! What a stunning view! Stopping at Clifton Hill (aka the candy stop) we ended our day with a movie night at the IMAX theatre. And to think we have more tomorrow, good night world!