London & France

June 14, 2016  -  June 23, 2016

Hello everybody! I'm Freddy, your Tour Director for this forthcoming LAF tour.... You will certainly be in good hands with me because I have a very strong bond with this tour. We start in London where have been living for over 20 years, then onto Paris, where I also used to live, onto Normandy and then Brittany where I'm from... When we are in Saint Malo, you will be on my territory and I will tell you all about it before we visit the Loire Valley before getting back to the City of Light. It's a lovely itinerary that mixes urban pace and bucolic times, capitals and provincial towns... A real insight in the French culture with a funky start in London! So get ready my friends for some fabulous European times! Good luck with the packing... Bon voyage ...see you at London Heathrow on Wednesday the 15th!