Northern Italy

March 11, 2017  -  March 19, 2017

Hi everybody. Yes, it is true: we are in Rome! Maybe we are a bit tired but, despite the jet-leg, we are able to see a lot in this first day of Italy. Our Tour Director takes us to the heart of the old city. We start at the beautiful Spanish Steps, than we go to Trevi's Fountain. A wired tradition is linked to this fountain: apparentely, if you turn your back to the fountain and throw a coin over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome one day. A second coin grants you a wish. Let's believe traditions!! Pluff.... two coins in the water. Next stop, Pantheon. Wow! This is the only thing that we are able to whisper when we see it. It is a huge greek-style temple built more than 2.000 years ago!!! Spectacular. It really gives us the idea of being in another time of the history. Finally, Navona's square, the biggest square in Rome with the magnificent 'Four river fountain' made by Bernini, one of the most famous sculptures of the baroque style. Finally, slowly slowly we walk to our restaurant. Our first italian dinner in a small trattoria, yummy! Come on, back to the hotel and then in bed. Buonanotte a tutti. Ops... it is not night yet over there! Well, it is night for us so... goodnight anyway