Insider's Italy

Insider's Italy
This Florence-to-Rome tour captures the art and architecture of Ponte Vecchio, Il Duomo, Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel among its can’t-miss stops. As you go, paint a fresco, toss a pizza and experience the monuments like no history book can cover.
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Day 1 Start tour
Day 2 Ciao Milan
Meet your tour director, travel to Florence & check into hotel
Florence city walk
Details: Enjoy a local snack
Immerse yourself in the local culture by enjoying a traditional Italian snack carefully chosen by your Tour Director.
Day 3 Florence landmarks
Florence guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
Palazzo VecchioPiazza della SignoriaChiesa di Santa CrocePonte VecchioDuomo visitleather workshopGates of ParadiseGiotto’s Bell TowerDante's House
Florentine dinner
Details: Florence guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
Immerse yourself in the charms of old-world Firenze. The birthplace and focal point of the Italian Renaissance, Florence still has the masterpieces to prove it. Brunelleschi’s monumental cuploa (dome) atop the city's renowned Duomo dominates the skyline. Your local licensed guide will take you to Giotto's Bell Tower and the aptly named Gates of Paradise, the bronze east doors of the Baptistery that spurred the burgeoning Renaissance. Don’t overlook the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli at the Chiesa di Santa Croce, or Florence’s amazing leather goods. You can check them out when you visit one of the area’s famed workshops!
Day 4 Florence
Cooking class & dinner
Details: Charcoal drawing class
Take part in this Charcoal drawing workshop where you will be introduced to the ancient techniques used in Florence during the Renaissance. Your instructor will accompany you to Piazza Santissima Annunziata or Piazza Signoria where they can work in the open air sketching statues, fountains or the facade of a church or a palace. In case of rain, the entire lesson will take place in the studio where easels and stools will be available for sketching still-lives (jugs, busts, dried flowers, etc.). Students will complete a series of charcoal drawings, under the supervision of the instructor.
Day 5 Florence--Rome
Travel to Rome via Cortona
Rome city walk
Spanish StepsTrevi FountainPantheonPiazza Navona
Authentic trattoria dinner
Details: Cortona tour director-led sightseeing
With a layout indicative of someone spilling a bucket of ‘Etruscan town’ down a hillside, Cortona is a cultural and artistic center located in the province of Arezzo. In the late 14th century, Fra Angelico lived and worked here, and fellow artists Luca Signorelli (1450–1523) and Pietro da Cortona (1596–1669) were both born within the walls. Many scenes in Under the Tuscan Sun, the film based of the book by Frances Mayes, were shot in Cortona.
Details: Rome city walk
Baroque-en hearted? Revive your spirits with a walk past Rome's most beautiful and unusual Baroque fountains. At the foot of the Spanish Steps, elegant cafes once favoured by visiting Brits and Americans surround the central fountain. The water pressure here was so low that the artist had to sink the fountain into the ground to get any water going through it, so he went ahead and designed the fountain to look like a sinking ship. There's no shortage of water pressure at the nearby Trevi Fountain, a Baroque extravagance designed by master sculptor Bernini. At the Pantheon, you'll see the largest concrete dome ever constructed. An oculus, or hole, in the dome lets sunlight into the beautiful temple, dedicated to all the gods.
Details: Enjoy a local snack
Immerse yourself in the local culture by enjoying a traditional Italian snack carefully chosen by your Tour Director.
Day 6 Imperial Rome
Ancient Rome guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
Colosseum visitForum Romanum visitPiazza Venezia
Details: Ancient Rome guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
The ultimate symbol of Ancient Rome, the Colosseum still dominates the modern city. Tour the amphitheatre with your local licensed guide. Built by the emperor Vespasian in A.D. 72, the structure held almost 50,000 spectators but was so well organized that the entire place could be emptied within 15 minutes. Inside, the spectacles varied from gladiator battles to immense naval contests to wild beast shows, in which thousands of exotic animals like giraffes and ostriches were popped into the stadium through trap doors and left to fight Roman hunters. See the system beneath the floor that operated the trap doors and housed the animals, then continue on to the relative calm of the Forum. Ancient Rome’s commercial, religious and political center, the Forum held markets, temples and the Senate House. Near the Rostra, or speaker’s platform, you can still see game boards scratched into the marble by bored politicians--anyone up for a game of tic tac toe?
Details: Pizza-making class & dinner
Meet a real pizza chef who will explain the manual preparation of the dough, different kind of pizza (thin and thick), spreading methods (by rolling pin, by hand and spreading machine), garnishing (basic fittings: tomato sauce, herbs like oregano or basil, mozzarella cheese). Then, enjoy preparing your own creation with your choice of toppings from an ingredients buffet and cooking style (on plate or on stone). Mangia!
Day 7 Vatican City
Vatican City guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel visitSt. Peter’s Basilica visit
Lasagna dinner
Details: Vatican City guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
Tour St. Peter’s Basilica with a licensed local guide and whisper headset so you don't miss a word. Outside the church, four rows of columns radiate out like welcoming arms; inside, the church seems enormous enough to embrace the entire world. The dome, partially designed by Michelangelo, rises 452 feet above the ground. Michelangelo’s mark is everywhere here, from the costumes worn by the Swiss Guards to his exquisite “Pietà” sculpture (the only sculpture he ever signed) to the amazing frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. Because he considered himself a sculptor and not a painter, Michelangelo hated working on these paintings, now considered masterpieces.
Day 8 End tour
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  • Full-time services of a professional Tour Director
  • Guided sightseeing tours & city walks as per itinerary
  • Visit to select attractions as per itinerary
  • Tour Diary™
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