Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai

Visit relics of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations along with the most advanced technological and architectural innovations of the modern world in China. See the most famous highlights of the country: Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Sacred Road, Tiger Hill, Lingering Garden, the Shanghai Bund, and more in this whirlwind tour of the biggest cities and most exciting attractions of eastern China.
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Day 1 Start tour
Day 2 Ni hao Beijing
Meet your tour director and check into hotel
Day 3 Beijing landmarks
Beijing guided sightseeing tour
Tiananmen Square visitForbidden City visitJingshan MountainSummer Palace visitNational Stadium (Bird's Nest)National Aquatic Center (Water Cube)jade and pearl factory visitlocal tea house visit
Optional  kung fu show  $45
Details: Beijing guided sightseeing tour
Explore the landmark sights of ancient and modern China with a licensed local guide. Covering the area of 90 football fields, Tiananmen Square can hold over 300,000 people and has always been the site for public proclamations and demonstrations. Mao Tse Tung announced the founding of Communist China here in 1949, and 40 years later student protests against the excesses of that government led to the massacres that unfortunately remain the square's foremost association in the minds of most visitors. The gate at the southern end of the square marks the old city walls, not removed until 1958. See the nerve center of modern China in the adjoining People's Hall, the legislative building, where each of the 32 reception rooms is lavishly decorated in the style of a different province or city. In the main hall, 500 light bulbs illuminate the enormous red star on the ceiling. Move into ancient China in the Forbidden City, the formidable 9,000-room palace complex -- protected by a 170ft.-wide moat -- that housed China's emperors from 1421 until 1923. Think that's grand? The 700 acres of the Summer Palace, a seasonal retreat for the emperors, include a half-mile hallway painted with scenes from China's history, the most beautiful gardens in the country, and a 118ft. carved marble boat decked out with stained-glass windows so that the empress could enjoy her palace lakes in private.
Details: Peking duck dinner
A favorite dish of the emperors during the Ming Dynasty, Peking duck became available to the masses when a later dynasty collapsed and court chefs took their recipes to the streets. Indulge in spiced, crispy duck carved into strips and eaten on thin pancakes with cucumber, shallot, and plum sauce.
Day 4 Great Wall
Sacred Road
Details: Travel to Great Wall of China
Stretching from Korea to the Gobi Desert, the Great Wall of China reaches 1,500 miles along old imperial borders. The wall was built mainly by millions of slaves, repairing and lengthening existing defensive walls throughout the centuries (the oldest dating back to the 5th century BC), until the massive structure was complete. Sentries posted at the stone watchtowers along its length could use smoke to signal an imminent attack.
Details: Ming Tombs visit
An emperor with a home as elaborate as the Imperial Palace needs an equally elaborate final resting place, and the Ming Tombs fit the bill quite nicely. Overseen by the same emperor, Yongle, who constructed the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs are an enormous complex of pavilions, gardens, hallways, and tombs designed to provide everything an emperor, empress, or favored concubine would need in the afterlife. Check out the Avenue of Stone Animals, where a dozen pairs of carved animals, some dating back to the 1400s, and half a dozen pairs of carved officials and soldiers wait to escort their leaders to heaven.
Details: Acrobatic show
Forget Cirque de Soleil -- Beijing's Acrobatic Troupe has been performing for more than 50 years, and their combination of superb acrobatics, juggling, magic, and more has made them the world's best acrobatic ensemble.
Day 5 Beijing--Suzhou
Temple of Heaven visit
Travel to Suzhou via bullet train
Day 6 Suzhou--Hangzhou
Lingering Garden
Tiger Hill visit
Travel to Hangzhou
Day 7 Hangzhou--Shanghai
Travel to Shanghai via Xitang
Xitang gondola ride
Meet local Xitang shopkeepers and farmers
Details: West Lake cruise
West Lake's natural beauty and historic architecture has been the inspiration for artists and poets for centuries. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the lake and surrounding gardens are the setting for many stories and legends. Learn about these stories and the lake’s history on a cruise. There are many wharfs along the lake, so make sure you don’t get off the boat!
Day 8 Shanghai landmarks
Shanghai guided sightseeing tour
Yu Yuan GardenJade Buddha Temple visitsilk factory visit
Shanghai city walk
BundChildren's PalaceNanjing Road
Huangpu River cruise
Details: Shanghai guided sightseeing tour
Shanghai combines European elegance with Asian flair, transforming its colonial history with a unique modern outlook. See the highlights with a local licensed guide. Surrounded by a busy bazaar, the Yu Yuan Garden offers an amazingly peaceful escape into a sixteenth-century garden with fountains, bridges, and tile dragons undulating along the walls. More peace reigns at the temple of the Jade Buddha, where two exquisitely carved Buddha statues, each carved from a single piece of jade, keep watch over a community of monks.
Details: Shanghai city walk
Stroll the most impressive street in Shanghai. The Bund, the center of colonial Shanghai, now offers an array of elegant embassies, banks, tea houses, and five-star hotels. Even more impressive is the mansion housing the Children's Palace. Once a private residence, the marbled and chandeliered building now offers after-school education for gifted children. Find your own gifts on Nanjing Road, the city's premiere shopping street.
Day 9 End tour

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    Day 9 Start extension to Hong Kong
    Fly to Hong Kong
    Day 10 Hong Kong landmarks
    Hong Kong guided sightseeing tour
    Star Ferry ride across Victoria HarbourKowloonVictoria PeakTai Po Man Mo Temple visitRepulse BayStanley Market
    Details: Hong Kong guided sightseeing tour
    Shopping, shopping, shopping. Hong Kong's history as Britain's Asian economic centre means that the city has always buzzed with sellers and buyers. Get a taste of the action at Stanely Market, where clothing and souvenirs are offered, and Kowloon, a district jam-packed with shops, restaurants, and apartment buildings that offers an amazing view across the harbour to the islands of Hong Kong. Take a spiritual break at the Tai Po Man Mo Temple. Named after the Taoist gods of literature ("Man") and martial arts ("Mo"), the small 150-year-old temple is noted for the coils of incense that hang from the ceiling, perfuming the entire building. Find even more sanctuary, and a better view, on Victoria Peak, once the enclave of wealthy Westerners and now a refreshing break from the energetic pace of the city below.
    Day 11 End tour
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