Discover the city known for white sandy beaches, bustling boulevards lined with tapas bars, twisting modern architecture, dramatic cathedrals with spindly steeples and, of course, an overwhelming passion for futbol.
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Day 2 Hola Barcelona
Meet your tour director and check into hotel
Barcelona city walk
Mercat de la BoqueríaLas RamblasColumbus Monument
Details: Barcelona city walk
Flowers, pedestrian boulevards, and decorative pavement make Barcelona a great walking city, and your Tour Director will show you where to stroll. See the Mercat de la Boquería, where the bright colors of fruits and vegetables, spices, fresh seafood and meat -- not to mention about a hundred different types of cheese -- vie for space in the market stalls. In the city center you'll see the Monument a Colom, a towering statue of Christopher Columbus. Gaze at the city stretched out before you, the mountains in the distance, and the Mediterranean Sea at your back. Then it's on to the best walk in the city, Las Ramblas, a mile-long pedestrian street that offers up the carnival of urban Barcelona. Have your palm read or browse through the strip's famous open-air shops. Enough walking for one day? Pull up a chair, order a café con leche, and watch the parade of street performers from your seat.
Day 3 Barcelona landmarks
Barcelona guided sightseeing tour
Gaudí’s Sagrada FamíliaMontjuïc HillPark Güell visit
Details: Barcelona guided sightseeing tour
See brilliant Barcelona, a city of graceful Gothic churches, wrought-iron balconies and grand avenues filled with outdoor cafés. Throughout the city, daringly innovative buildings sit side-by-side with the medieval past. A licensed, local guide will show you some of the high points of this architectural showcase. First stop, the pointy spires of the La Sagrada Familia (Church of the Holy Family), a half-finished church complex that became the obsession of Barcelona's famously eccentric architectural genius, Antoni Gaudí. At the top of Güell Park, another of Gaudí's masterpieces, is a terraced area where you get a fantastic view of the park and Barcelona City. The vibrant colours of the tiles are breathtaking. Then step back to the past with a journey up to Montjuïc (Hill of the Jews), a fortress built atop an ancient Jewish cemetery. This was the site of numerous battles to control Barcelona, and also the location of the 1992 Olympics.
Details: Picasso Museum visit
Take an unparalleled glimpse into the development of Picasso’s genius. Bringing together the Spaniard’s early and late works, the museum traces the evolution of Picasso’s art from his realism-based schoolboy exercises of the1890s through his Blue Period in 1904, and then jumps into the artist’s remarkable late work. A series of 1950s oil paintings shows Picasso’s explorations of Velazquez’s Las Meninas, in which he transforms the original into a perspective-shifting explosion of color and line.
Details: Tapas dinner
Tapas purportedly originated when bartenders set a small plate ("tapa") over patrons' glasses of sherry and wine to keep the flies out. The bartenders starting piling the plate with cold cuts, olives, or salad, and the bite-size snack was born. (We're unsure how they kept the flies out of the cold-cuts... maybe that's how the sandwich was invented?) Over time these working-class snacks have become more elaborate, with each region adding its own specialties and cooking techniques to create unique tastes and combinations.
Details: Las Ramblas treasure hunt
Take interactive learning to another level with a Tour Director-led treasure hunt of Las Ramblas, the most famous pedestrian street of Barcelona! Enjoy an after-dinner adventure, complete exciting activities and solve fun clues. Each clue and every activity is built to maximize on-tour experiential learning.
Day 4 Gerona & Figueres
Girona and Figueres guided excursion
Visit Salvador Dalí theatre Museum
Details: Girona and Figueres guided excursion
Travel through the rolling land of northern Catalonia to Girona, a hilly medieval town with narrow streets connected by stairways and pastel buildings lining the waterfront. Climb the 90 steps to the Baroque cathedral. Tour the antique Jewish quarter. See the Arab baths. Then continue to Figueres, a bustling village that is the hometown of Catalonian surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Stroll the Rambla de la Libertat, the road that locals amble down for their traditional midday or evening walk. Tour the Dalí Museum, located in a theatre next to the house where he lived until his death in 1989. See a great collection of works by the artist, including a Cadillac with ivy-covered passengers you can water yourself.
Day 5 Barcelona
Details: Montserrat visit
Montserrat is famous for its monastery, its caves, its weirdly shaped crags of rock and its amazing mountain. The town lies just 40km northwest of Barcelona and is a summer escape for many.
Details: Gaudí guided walking tour
Walk through Barcelona to see examples of Antoni Gaudí’s curving and twisting architecture and his use of brightly colored tiles, the walking tour includes a visit to Gaudi's masterpiece, la Sagrada Familia.
Details: Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia visit
This breathtaking church, said to be the master-work of architect Antoni Gaudí, has been under construction since 1882 and is not expected to be completed until 2026! Despite its unfinished state, the church has 18 spindle-shaped towers that soar above the church itself, making for a striking addition to Barcelona’s skyline and more than worth the visit.
Details: Casa Milà (La Pedrera) visit
This magnificent building is the epitome of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí’s fantastical style. See how he uses twisted pillars, curved archways and warped metal balconies to create a totally unique design all his own.
Details: Paella dinner
Paella is a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots that originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near Albufera lagoon on the east coast of Spain.
Day 6 Sitges
Optional  Sitges excursion  $50
Optional  Flamenco evening  $125
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    Day 7 Start extension to Valencia
    Travel to Valencia
    Valencia city walk
    Central MarketChurch of Saint NicolasValencia CathedralLa Lonja de la Seda
    Details: Valencia city walk
    The port city of Valencia lies on Spain’s southeastern coast, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with futuristic structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium and an interactive museum. Valencia also has several beaches, including some within nearby Albufera Park, an extensive wetlands reserve.
    Day 8 Valencia landmarks
    Details: Valencia guided sightseeing tour
    Compare and contrast old and new Valencia as you make your way through this inspiring destination. From the Gothic civil architecture of la Lonja, to the technologically advanced City of Arts and Sciences, your half-day tour will provide a unique look at the area’s storied past and exciting future. Other highlights along the way include Torres de Serranos—the largest Gothic city gateway in all of Europe, Estacion de Norte—the city’s central train station, and La Catedral—home to what many argue is the true Holy Grail.
    Day 9 Valencia--Barcelona
    Travel to Barcelona via Tarragona
    Details: Tarragona tour director-led sightseeing
    While you admire the many stunning edifices of Tarragona, you may find yourself wondering how such an ancient civilization could create such advanced feats. Located near the bustling Port of Tarragona, you’ll find the ruins of the ancient Roman circus (think amphitheater, not big top). It is here from where much of today’s Tarragona takes its shape, with the surrounding areas featuring an array of classic structures of both cultural and religious significance.
    Day 10 End tour
    Map of Barcelona Educational Tour
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