Spain & Portugal

Spain & Portugal
Stroll Madrid’s ancient squares and bustling streets, visit the medieval city of Salamanca and experience its hip university culture, explore Porto Cathedral, the most important Romanesque monument in Portugal and tour Lisbon, Europe’s smallest capital.
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Day 2 Hola Madrid
Meet your tour director and check into hotel
Madrid city walk
Puerta del SolPlaza MayorPlaza de España
Details: Madrid city walk
Life in Madrid is centred around talking, toasting and tapas-eating. In a walk through this crowded and social city, your Tour Director will help you get to know the lay of the land. Then stroll over to the Puerta del Sol, the bustling city center. Next, you'll relax at the Plaza Mayor, a grand square where every sort of human drama has taken place—trials of faith, public burnings of heretics, royal marriages, the canonization of saints, and countless balls and bullfights. End at the Plaza de España for a stop at an outdoor café.
Details: Prado visit
Visit the Museo del Prado, home of works by Spain's great masters, including Francisco Goya, Diego Velázquez, and El Greco. Please note that on some occassions the Prado could be substituted for the Reina Sofia Museum, featuring works from Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí among others.
Day 3 Madrid landmarks
Madrid guided sightseeing tour
Calle MayorGran VíaCibeles FountainPuerta de AlcaláColumbus SquareRoyal Palace visit
Optional  Toledo guided excursion  $75
Toledo Cathedral visitChurch of Santo ToméSt. Mary’s Synagogue visit
Details: Madrid guided sightseeing tour
Get a taste of Spain's cultural, political and economic center with a tour led by a licensed local guide. See Madrid's mix of traditional and modern as you visit the Royal Palace, an 18th-century masterpiece. The enormous Baroque palace currently has more rooms (2,800) than any other European palace, but it was originally supposed to be four times as large. The palace is dripping with porcelain, jeweled clocks, amazing ceiling frescoes—the most magnificent, in the Throne Room, was done by the Venetian artist Tiepolo when he was in his seventies. Next take a look at the Neoclassical architecture of the Prado Museum and the Puerta de Alcalá triumphal arch, built to honour Carlos III’s entry into Spain.
Details: Royal Palace visit
Browse through the 3,418 rooms in the largest palace in Europe. Art lovers will marvel at the walls lined with priceless paintings, but don’t expect to catch a glimpse of the Spanish royal family—they reside elsewhere.
Details: Tapas dinner
Tapas purportedly originated when bartenders set a small plate ("tapa") over patrons' glasses of sherry and wine to keep the flies out. The bartenders started piling the plate with cold cuts, olives, or salad, and the bite-size snack was born. (We're unsure how they kept the flies out of the cold-cuts... maybe that's how the sandwich was invented?) Over time, these working-class snacks have become more elaborate, with each region adding its own specialties and cooking techniques to create unique tastes and combinations.
Day 4 Madrid--Salamanca
Travel to Salamanca via Segovia & Avila
Salamanca guided sightseeing tour
Casa de las ConchasNew CathedralOld CathedralUniversity of Salamanca visit
Details: Salamanca guided sightseeing tour
The past and present meet in Salamanca. Like many great medieval cities, Salamanca has a multitude of towering cathedrals and convents. Yet, the city’s university students give it a hip, international vibe. One of the leading institutions of Europe, the university has attracted countless Spanish intellectuals, including Antonia de Nebrija and Miguel de Unamuno.
Day 5 Salamanca--Porto
Details: Travel to Porto via Braga & Guimarães
See Portugal's religious capital at Braga, which erupts during Easter week with enormous colorful processions through the medieval streets. Guimarães is called the birthplace of Portugal; it was here that King Afonso Henriques began his reconquest of the country, leading it to expand to its current borders. The famous castle that dominates the skyline evokes this past, while the university students drinking coffee beneath its shadow guarantee the country a bright future.
Day 6 Porto landmarks
Porto guided sightseeing tour
Ribeira districtSé CathedralChurch of São Francisco
Details: Porto guided sightseeing tour
Portugal's second largest city bustles with commerce, but its spectacular bridges (one designed by a disciple of Gustave Eiffel) and picturesque Ribeira district continue to draw visitors from around the world. Start your tour along the riverfront, where bright houses and intricate balconies rise haphazardly over narrow cobblestone streets. Continue on to the Church of São Francisco, whose plain exterior belies the dripping-with-gold Baroque magnificence of the interior. The Sé (cathedral) is only slightly less elaborate, with marble and stone substituting for gold leaf. The silver altarpiece in the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and the typically Portuguese azulejos (tiles) add to the beauty.
Day 7 Porto--Lisbon
Details: Travel to Lisbon via Coimbra & Fátima
Portugal's biggest university town, Coimbra has been a center of learning since 1290, when the country's first college was founded here. Fátima draws pilgrims rather than students. In 1917, three children saw several apparitions of the Virgin Mary in a field here, and the enormous basilica that was built in her honor attests to the continuing flood of pilgrims who visit the city each year.
Day 8 Lisbon landmarks
Lisbon guided sightseeing tour
Monument to the DiscoveriesMosteiro dos Jerónimos visitBelém Tower
Optional  Cascais, Estoril & Cabo da Roca excursion  $65
Citadel of Cascaisbeaches of Cascais & EstorilEurope’s most westerly point
Details: Lisbon guided sightseeing tour
Tour Europe's smallest capital, a port city once the entrance point for exotic wares from the far-flung corners of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Now the city has a new vibrancy, with the opening of a new railway hub and the contrast of brash new modern buildings and restored medieval façades. Get lost in the Alfama, a maze of streets where houses are so close together, you can spread your arms and touch buildings on both sides of the street. Stroll the cobblestone pedestrian malls and Lisbon's main street, the Avenida da Liberdade. Get your portrait done by one of the sidewalk artists. See the new bridge, Ponte Vasco da Gama (built for Expo '98), which spans the Tagus river. Shop for handcrafts. Lisbon remains one of the best places to buy hand-made goods from around the world-embroidery, ceramics, silver, and tiles.
Details: Citadel of Cascais
Visit the luxury resort town of Cascais and see the citadel that once served as a summer home for the King of Spain in the 16th century.
Details: beaches of Cascais & Estoril
Take some time to relax and enjoy two of Portugal's most beautiful beaches. Visit Cascais and Estoril to take in some rays and meet the locals.
Details: Fado evening
Portugal's version of the Blues, Fado means "fate" or "destiny," and its songs generally tell the tale of lost love or glory. Head to a Fado house in the Bairro Alto and see the singers swathed in black, accompanied by 12-stringed guitars, crooning their hearts out.
Day 9 End tour
Map of the Spain & Portugal Tour
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  • Tour Diary™
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