Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand

Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand
Visit the site of the infamous Pearl Harbor attack in Hawaii and experience an authentic Luau, fly to Sydney to cruise its beautiful harbor and see its iconic Opera House and fly to Auckland to see volcanic geysers and have a traditional Maori feast.
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Day 1 Aloha Honolulu
Meet your tour director and check into hotel
Details: Lei greeting
The perfect introduction to Hawaii. Step off the plane and into a garland of fresh flowers, the traditional Hawaiian symbol of welcome.
Day 2 Honolulu landmarks
?Iolani Palace
Kawaiaha?o Church
King Kamehameha statue
City Hall
Mission Houses Museum
Punchbowl National Cemetery
Details: Honolulu guided sightseeing tour
While today’s mainland tourists come to Honolulu to snap photos and relax on the beach, earlier American visitors came to convert the inhabitants and prohibit the “lascivious” hula. See their work at the Mission Houses, residences built by 19th-century missionaries in the New England wood-frame style—not ideal for the wet and humid Honolulu climate. (Recent renovations were required to evict the termites.) Even if their buildings had problems lasting, their ideology did not. The nearby Kawaiahao Church shows their ultimate success at converting the islands to Christianity. The monarchy didn’t cave in immediately, however. King Kalakalua fought against the religious restrictions by reinstating the hula and building the extravagant Iolani Palace, which had electricity before either the White House or Buckingham Palace—and which bankrupted the Hawaiian government. Oops.
Details: Arizona War Memorial
When Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, the enormous U.S.S. Arizona sunk completely within nine minutes. With a licensed local guide, see the battleship, still beneath the water, and the memorial built to honor those who died in the attack. Though normally serene, the area buzzed with activity when scenes from the Blockbuster movie “Pearl Harbor” were filmed here in the spring of 2000.
Details: Luau evening
Get your ukuleles and grass skirts ready—it’s time for the quintessential Hawaiian experience. The luau, originally a celebratory feast for family and friends, got its name from the leaves of the taro plant, which are used to wrap food before it’s placed in a traditional underground oven. The highlight of the meal is the roasted pig cooked in this oven, but you’ll also see poi (pounded taro root), fish, shellfish, chicken, vegetables.… After all this food, you’ll wonder how anyone has the energy to hula.
Day 3 Honolulu--Sydney
Fly to Sydney
Lose a day as you cross the International Date Line
Day 4 Sydney
Meet your tour director and check into hotel
Day 5 Sydney landmarks
Sydney guided sightseeing tour
Darling Harbourthe GapVisit Opera House
Optional  surf lesson on Bondi Beach  $125
Details: Sydney guided sightseeing tour
See Sydney, Australia's beautiful waterfront city. A licensed, local guide will take you to Darling Harbor, a bustling entertainment and shopping center. At "The Rocks" see historical and contemporary Australia stand side-by-side. On this stubby peninsula on the western side of Sydney Cove, modern Australian history started with the landing of the first ships in 1788. From here, Sydney evolved from convict outpost to the most beautiful metropolis on the Pacific Rim. Visit one of the city's most well-known symbols, the Sydney Opera House, majestically poised between the Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanic Garden.
Details: Bondi Beach excursion
With a storied history, a dazzling setting and its fair share of beautiful people, Bondi Beach is rightly recognized as one of the best beaches in the world. Upon arrival at this enticing stretch of sand, you’ll first learn about what makes Bondi so unique—the surfers, the rescues and all the action you might expect at one of Australia’s most famous destinations. From there, you’re on your own. Catch some rays, feel the sand between your toes, rent a boogie-board or even take some surfing lessons.
Day 6 Sydney cruise
Details: Sydney city walk
Explore the historical neighborhoods, lush gardens and pathways that hug the city's harbor.
Details: The Rocks
As you stroll along the narrow, cobblestone streets of The Rocks, you can’t help but get caught up in the area’s intriguing past, present and future. Here you’ll find chic restaurants, stylish bars and hearty pubs, all amidst some of the oldest surviving buildings in Sydney. One moment you’ll be touring historic Cadman’s Cottage, and the next you’ll find yourself amongst the eclectic shopping, artisan markets and glitzy galleries that make The Rocks the engaging destination that is it today.
Details: Mrs. Macquarie's Point
You bring the camera and “Mrs. Macquarie” will provide the perfect backdrop. Featuring a breathtaking view of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Mrs. Macquarie’s Point has been attracting visitors since its origin in 1810, when an exposed sandstone rock was cut into the shape of a bench. Known today as Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, legend has it that if you make a wish while sitting on the bench, there’s a very good chance that your wish will come true.
Details: Sydney Harbour cruise
With so much to see in Sydney, an enchanting harbor tour is your ticket to many of the area’s highlights. The Sydney Opera House, Point Piper, Darling Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are but a few of the attractions you’ll have the opportunity to view from the bustling harbour. With detailed descriptions from your tour guide, you’ll get an insider’s knowledge of all the city’s sites, including the many opulent waterfront homes that dot the “harbourside”.
Day 7 Outside Sydney
Day 8 Sydney--Auckland
Fly to Auckland
Day 9 Auckland--Rotorua
Auckland guided sightseeing tour
Visit War Memorial MuseumVisit Tarlton’s Underwater World
Details: Auckland guided sightseeing tour
Join a licensed guide for a tour of New Zealand's most progressive city, Auckland, full of cosmopolitan bustle and beautiful harbor views. First, soak in a little history at the War Memorial Museum. Then plunge into Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World. Here you can observe live penguins and learn about the unique features of their home, the frozen continent of Antarctica. Travel deep beneath the ocean on the moving walkway of the underwater tunnel. You get a scuba diver's view of hundreds of colorful fish, lurking sharks and giant stingrays 'up close' and in their own environment.
Details: Travel to Rotorua
Before you see Rotorua, you'll definitely smell it: Sulfur. Consider it an introduction to a place that is completely unique. Rotorua offers a fascinating view into the earth's volcanic centre. Clouds of steam seem to magically appear throughout the city from the city's four major thermal centres. One geyser erupts about 20 times a day and can spout up to 100 feet.
Details: Visit Agrodome
You wouldn’t expect a New Zealand sheep and beef farm to be a sought-after destination for thrill-seekers. But with all that the Agrodome has to offer, that won’t be the last surprise you encounter. With exciting and educational experiences ranging from the award-winning Agrodome Sheep Show to the terrifying Freefall Xtreme, you never know what a day at the Agrodome will consist of. But no matter what types of attractions you’re looking for, you most definitely will not leave disappointed.
Details: Maori Hangi feast
Taste native Maori culture, literally, at a traditional Hangi feast. The Maori use the geo-thermal region as a natural steam cooker. They wrap vegetables and meat in fresh green leaves and cook it over the steam escaping through the rocks. It's health food, the old-fashioned way.
Day 10 Rotorua--Auckland
Rotorua guided sightseeing tour
Maori Cultural Centre visitVisit Whakarewarewa Thermal ReserveSkyline Gondola ride on Mt. Ngongotaha
Travel to Auckland
Details: Rotorua guided sightseeing tour
See the Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve, the closest thermal area to the city. Unlike the other thermal centers, "Whaka" as it is called, is still a living village with ancient roots, founded before Europeans arrived. Here you might see residents using steam boxes to cook sweet corn. At the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute, learn the Maori traditional carving and weaving methods. The day ends with a skyline gondola ride on Mt. Ngongotaha.
Day 11 End tour
Map of Hawaii, Australia, & New Zealand Educational Tour
Tour Includes:
  • Round-trip airfare
  • 9 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms
  • Breakfast daily
  • 3 included dinners plus Luau & Maori Hangi Feast
  • Full-time services of a professional Tour Director
  • Guided sightseeing tours and city walks as per itinerary
  • Visits to select attractions as per itinerary
  • Tour Diary™
  • Note: On arrival day only dinner is provided; on departure day, only breakfast is provided
  • Note: Tour cost does not include airline-imposed baggage fees, or fees for any required passport or visa. Please visit our Fees FAQ page for a full list of items that may not be included in the cost of your tour.

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